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Squash bugs treat and prevent infection

Treat and prevent infection Squash are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your garden each year. Whether you like the mild, mild taste of summer squash like zucchini or prefer winter squash soups and bags like pumpkins, most of us allow at least one type of squash to be eaten in our gardens each year. Today we are going to deal with a common squash pest - the squash bug. Anasa Tristis; The most beautiful name for such an appetite bug. These sneaky insects will not discriminate against all kinds of squash in your garden, from your heirloom Italian zucchini to the Connecticut field pumpkins you grow for Halloween. On rare occasions, you may even find them eating cucumbers and melons. Let’s take a look under the leaves at how to manage squash pests when they enter our gardens. The squash bug is found mainly in North America, appearing every winter as a large pest somewhere in your backyard. From June to July, they begin to search for squash for food and as a nursery for

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