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Rid of green shield bugs

 What are green shield bugs? The shield bug is a type of actual bug that is called by the name of the adult shield-like form. There are more than 40 types of shield bugs in the world, some of which are common in gardens. All shield bugs eat plant sap, although most do not cause damage and are part of the garden ecosystem. There are two types of green shield bugs in the world. The common green shield bug (Palomena prasina) has a bright green body with small brown 'puncture marks' and brown wingtips. It is common throughout the world. The Southern Armor Bug (Nesra viridula) is native to Africa and arrived in the UK in 2003, most commonly found in southern England. It is green without ‘puncture marks’ and has pale green wingtips rather than brown. In its own right, it is known as a pest of vegetable crops such as beans and tomatoes , although it does not cause any problems in the world. How do green shield bugs reproduce? After mating the female sometimes lays hexagon

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