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Growing Flowers in Your Garden

 Tips for Growing Flowers in Your Garden Flowers bring color, texture, and aroma to our gardens and are a welcome source of food for pollinators. With a little patience, many flowers can be grown cheaply from seed. Less time? You can also create an instant flower border in a few hours using plug plants that are ready in the home garden . We asked some of our favorite horticultural bloggers to share simple secrets for growing spectacular flower gardens. They told us here Know your soil It is easy to sneak up on the sofa with some gardening books or you can search the internet to find pictures of the flowers you want to grow. But the old adage, "The right plant, the right place" is no more true than growing flowers. Before picking specific flowers, Alison Levy, of Blackberry Garden, advises: “It is always good to know how the soil is in your garden. There are tests you can buy to see how acidic/alkaline it is, and you can also check if some of it can be squeezed int

6 large accessory plants for dahlias

6 Great Companion Plants for Dahlias Covered with large, cheerful flowers, very few flowering plants match the dahlias for the sheer joy they bring to the garden. With a variety of shapes, colors, and growing habits, you can find dahlias that fit into your garden plan. If you practice sub-planting, you can reduce the need for pesticides and fungicides in your garden. If you are looking for good plants to add to your dahlias, here are six great supplementary plants for dahlias. Sub-planting can seem magical, and in a way it is. If you plant some plants together, they will attract beneficial pests into the garden. In addition, good companions will repel pesky pests, which can be a real nuisance to your garden and can damage your treasured dahlias. Sub-plants not only accentuate the beauty of your dahlias, but good supplementary plants for dahlias will make them healthier so they will grow more beautiful every year. Six major subspecies for dahlias 1. Cone flowers (Echinacea p

plants that grow in shady and dry climates

8 plants that grow in shady and dry climates As a general rule, plants need adequate water and sunlight; However, if you live in a dry climate and have a yard with a lot of shade, don’t give up on your garden dreams just yet. Although you may have some limitations when it comes to planting options, there is still a decent variety that can thrive in shady places even in dry weather. In dry climates, planting in the shade has some advantages over planting in a sunny spot. When covered with shade, the soil can stay wet for a long time because evaporation does not occur quickly. Many dry places have high temperatures and strong sunlight; Therefore, shade helps keep your plants cool and protects them from sun damage. Best shade plants for dry climates When you look for plants to grow, you will find plenty of options for shade plants and plenty of options for dry climates — the key is to find plants that come in both types. 1. Hosta Another advantage of growing hosts is that they

Hedgerow to your property

 Reasons to add Hedgerow to your property In the past, hedgerows were often planted to mark the property lines and edges of fields that fed grazing animals. It kept the sheep inside and the deer outside. At the same time, other terrestrial animals, such as hedgehogs, were free to move back and forth in search of food and shelter. Nowadays, with the use of technology and GPS, those boundary markers have the ability to exit fashionably. But not so fast! There are many reasons to maintain existing hedgehogs and there are more effective reasons to plant them more. Look closely at any hedgehog, even inexperienced eyes can get the biodiversity they provide. There are hundreds of weeds growing there, from nettles to cleavers, from violets to someone and in between. Many of the early weeds of that spring are edible not only for the animals but for you as well. You will notice the chirping of birds, lizards, insects, and bees. The main reasons for adding Hedgerow to your property to

Recreate the Ballet wood for Your Garden

 12 Ways to Recreate the Ballet wood for Your Garden When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start getting your hands dirty. But when tackling your garden plans and preparing them for spring and summer, you also need to think about some great elements that you will want to add. Instead of investing in expensive gardeners and organizers, use old shelves and their wood to make boxes and garden benches look identical. Not only is this going to save you a lot of greenery, but it is also environmentally conscious because you are recreating something you would otherwise have thrown away. Over the past few years, it is no secret that bloggers and those who do it yourself have been showing us all the wonderful things we can do with this restored tree. But here is a list of the best plans that will make your garden better and more organized in the coming year. 1. Create your own plant Instead of buying expensive planting boxes and stuffing them at home, take them out of old wood from o

Get More Of Your Tomato Flowers To Set Fruit

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Tomato Flowers to Set Fruits When you look at the leaves of your bushy tomato plant, you notice a small yellow flower. Excitement begins. So wait for your first benefit. And wait. But those little yellow flowers will never give you the fruit you are following. No matter how sad it is, you are not alone. Most often, these headaches are caused by environmental factors. Even if we can not control the weather, there are some ways to stimulate the fruit and turn those beautiful little flowers into delicious sweet tomatoes. 3 Reasons Why Your Tomato Flowers Are Not Fruiting 1. Temperature High, prolonged heat with temperatures above 80F causes pressure on the tomato plants. While they enjoy the warmth, high temperatures can cause a variety of problems - including flowering problems. Long-term stress sends the plant into a state of self-defense. The production of flowers and fruits requires more energy and water, at higher temperatures. Therefore, the plant

DIY candle holders to enhance your living space

 Ideas for DIY candle holders to enhance your living space Almost every home has candles for practical and decorative purposes as the subtle flame of the candle always attracts all eyes. Their enduring appeal makes them one of the best gifts for all occasions from banquets to holidays. While there are plenty of candle options, the candle holder is the opposite. You may have shown the same candle that has been at the center of your holiday spread for years. But there are other options! In today's article, we will share 26 DIY candle holder ideas to improve your living space. With these ideas, you can come up with some simple tools and new ways to display candles with a quick trip from the kitchen. These DIY projects are inexpensive and great for beginners to create their own decorations. There are options for each style and type of decoration, so if you like these ideas try some of them for your next special day. 1 Mason Jar Candle Holders 2 Old Fork As Candle Holder 3 Coconut Shell

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