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Benefits of Grow Living Mulch

Mulch in Your Garden If there is one word that every gardener can do less, it is weeding. Even those who happily spend every waking moment in the garden, prefer to pluck, mow, and water instead of weeding. So, we mulch. Every year we cover the soil and the base of the plants with mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture. When it comes to the organic material you use to make mulch, you have plenty of options. You can easily get grass cuttings, dead leaves, pine cones, etc. in your own backyard. But whatever we use seems to end up breaking the back and breaking the knee. Instead of spreading dry materials like straw or commercially processed bark in your garden, you should consider growing live mulch this year. Using another plant as a mulch (or cover crop) is more than just keeping weeds in the bay. Benefits of Growing Mulch 1. Weed control Obviously, one of the key benefits of any mulch, including living mulch, is weed control. When you are already growing tomatoes, peppers, and bean

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